Huré Frères Insouciance Brut Rosé

Huré Frères Insouciance Brut Rosé


Producer: Huré Frères (Champagne Huré Frères).

Name: Huré Frères L’Insouciance Rosé.

Grape variety: Rosé sparkling Pinot Black, Chardonnay, Pinot Meunier.

Country of origin: FranceFrance.

Region of origin: FranceChampagne.

Appellation of origin: FranceA.O.C. Champagne.

(EU)401/2010 Certification: Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (A.O.C.)

Champagne A.O.C.

Minimum order: 30 Bottles

What to expect

You are looking at a refined, pretty and savoury style of Rosé from this excellent producer. The fruit profile is not your usual berry profile but leaning more towards more crunchy, tart and juicy red fruits like pomegranate and redcurrant. Add to this a poised mineral structure and light spice, the result is a delight. We are seeing more and more of these styles of Rosé which is lifting the quality of the category as whole and making our champagne experience all the more pleasurable.

Technical details

40% pinot noir 35% meunier  with 25% chardonnay. Reserve wines are at around 30-35% with 20 months on lees and a judicious use of 6 g/l dosage (addition of sugar).

Tiny quantities are made each year and even smaller allocations to Australia.


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