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Heineken has been a global brand since making its initial export label in the ’60s and its first worldwide acquisition in 2003. Founded by Gerard Adriaan Heineken, the brand is 100% Dutch with multiple subsidiaries worldwide.

Global Drink Exporters are Heineken wholesale suppliers dealing in Heineken’s proprietary products. These are Heineken, Heineken 0.0, and Heineken Lite. We also supply its principal subsidiaries globally. Some of these are Jamaica’s Red Stripe, Italy’s Birra Moretti, Haiti’s Prestige, and Mexico’s Tecate. Since the 2019 Heineken’s stake acquisition, we have also been distributing Biela y Bebidas del Ecuador S.A. Bielesa.

Our market is also inclusive of UK’s Newcastle Brown Ale, Amsterdam’s Amstel Light, and Belgium’s Affligem Blonde. We also supply low and zero alcoholic value drinks from Heineken to supply diverse market needs, such as Sagres and Buckler. We continue to stock up on other craft breweries acquired by Heineken, such as the US Lagunitas and Amsterdam’s Belize Brewing Co. & Oedipus Brewery.

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Heineken is famous worldwide for its green bottles. Traditional brewing processes are utilized to produce the best quality Heineken lager beer since 1868. It is iconic for having a taste bitter than most other world lagers. It is strongly carbonated for the perfect fizzy drink taste, and it only has an alcoholic content of 5%.

The pale lager is the core beer product, though Heineken has over 150 beer brands. Global Drink Exporters specializes in the old age lager beer alongside later brands such as Heineken Dark, Heineken Tarwebok, Heineken Premium Light, and Heineken Oud Bruin.

Heineken International is a well-established group with over 120 breweries in more than 70 states. As they continue to grow and spread their roots, we follow closely behind to ensure you receive the best and the variety they have to offer. For all of Heineken’s assorted beer products, let Global Drink Exporters be your Heineken Beer Wholesale Supplier.

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