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Corona beer is a product of Grupo Modelo, a Mexican brewing company owned by AB InBev Co. Since 1998, the Corona Extra has been a top-selling beer, especially in the US, where it dominates beer imports. The beer is mostly spotted in dive in bars, barbecues, and Mexican restaurants where it is classically served with a lemon or lime wedge.

The liquor is owned by Constellation Brands Company, which also owns Funky Buddha, Ballast Point, Pacifico, and Modelo, among others. The beer types distributed by corona beer wholesale distributors are:

  • Corona Extra

  • Corona Light

  • Corona Premier

  • Corona Familiar

However, the suspension of non-essential activities in the wake of Covid-19 halted production. We are nevertheless optimistic that production will once again scale-up since the brand was a favorite among many. Contact us for more information on availability and price.

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Nearly every drink you purchase comes from the trend-setting Coca Cola Company. They have over 130 years of refreshing the world, with their products being distributed in over 200 countries worldwide. These products are made with revolutionary ingredients that are both sustainable and ethical.

Coca-Cola has more than 500 brands all over the world. Global Drink Exporters is the Coca Cola wholesale supplier that ensures that you get all your popular regional brands in their diversities. These include:

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  • Teas – Honest, Peace Tea, Gold Peak, Fuze Tea, Ayataka, and Dogadan.

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